Goose Pond

Marty and I took a walk on Sunday around Goose Pond, a nature reserve only 2 miles from our house.  It is lovely now, and will be spectacular in a few weeks when the leaves start to turn.

I so much enjoy being this close to nature.  The picture at the top of the blog is taken less than a quarter mile from our house, at Robinwood Park, a place I like to go for a quick morning or late afternoon walk.  Both of these places are maintained by the city, and are free for all to enjoy.    Around Goose Lake, we saw people swimming and fishing, and an occasional non-motorized boat, as well as fellow walkers and dogs.

It is said that humans have an innate need to connect with nature–the modern term for this is biophilia, which is also the title of a book on the subject by the Pulitzer prize winning biologist Edward O. Wilson.  Growing up across from Lake Huron–which looks more like an ocean than a lake, since you can’t see the distant shore–and only a few miles from a national forest, I think I imbibed this at an early age.  In addition to swimming every day in the lake as a kid, on Sundays we sometimes went for drives and nature walks in the forest—the row upon row of  stately trees a legacy writ large of the Civilian Conservation Corps, some thirty years before.  Now, in my sixties, I am very happy to be back again surrounded by lakes and woods.  The mountains in this part of the country are an added bonus, gentle enough to climb, yet affording the physical perspective of nature’s beauty that age is giving me mentally.

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